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Jagoda Lane was born in the small town of Ciechanow, Poland where she experienced first-hand her country’s transformation from a socialist to a free society. In 1991, she was the youngest recipient of a scholarship to study in the United States. Jagoda studied at universities in Wisconsin and California where she graduated and returned to Poland in 1993.

Through her husband’s employment, she has been fortunate to reside in five U.S. states, and Australia.   Jagoda has traveled to more than a dozen countries throughout the world. These vast travels have allowed her to see the beauty each place had to offer.  She is a keen observer of the relationship between location and its association with unique sets of colors. With her previous residence in Arizona, Jagoda was captivated with the clear light as well as the bright and warm colors of the Southwest desert.

Jagoda’s gift as an artist did not surface until recently. In the spring of 2004, she picked up brushes and started expressing her feelings on canvas. In her first year of painting, she sold more than 40 works.  She is a self-taught artist who is unrestrained by conventional methods of painting, using various techniques and materials to achieve very unique three-dimensional effect in her creations.  Each of her paintings exhibits emotion and empathy within a modernistic flare.


“It is always fascinating and exciting to pick up an empty canvas and start combining media with a pallet of colors to create something that is one of a kind”, says Jagoda.


Jagoda exhibited her work at, “The Leigh Gallery” in Chicago until the end of 2019 when the owner retired and sold the building.

Her work was also exhibited at various galleries in Arizona such as the, “Painted with Oil” in Scottsdale and the, “Work of Artists Gallery” in Phoenix. 

Jagoda’s work has been on display in multiple venues such as; in Arizona the, “Sonoran Arts League”, “Twigs Gallery”, located in Cave Creek, Arizona, and the, “Desert Ranch Golf Club” located in Scottsdale.  

Her work was also exhibited also at the Zhou B Art Center, 4Art Inc. She was also a featured artist at the “Hyman & Miriam Reiner Art Gallery” in Buffalo Grove, IL in the recent years. She had a solo exhibit at the Indian Trail Library in Wheeling, IL. 


Her work is in numerous private collections domestic and abroad. Her art portfolio can be accessed through her website at You can see more of her work and purchase on her Etsy Page!

Jagoda spends her free time with her husband Craig and occasionally with their two adult children; Nathen and Rebecca. 


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